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Smiley Corner:  "Whodunit?"


Date: 29 June 1985

Location: St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome

Event: Solemn High Mass, also featuring Mozart’s Coronation Mass

Cast of 1 Pope

Characters: 3 Seminarians
Famous European Orchestra
Famous European Choral Group (which shares a city name with the orchestra)
Famous Conductor
Famous Soprano

As the Pope celebrates the Solemn High Mass, the conductor leads the orchestra and choral group through Mozart’s Coronation Mass, including a stellar performance by an operatic soprano known for her Mozart interpretations.

One of the three seminarians, still a Deacon at the time, was chosen to sing the Gospel (in Latin) as well the “Offerte Vobis Pacem” and the “Ite Missa Est” during the Solemn High Mass. The other two seminarians sang in the choir.

The event, considered a major highlight of classical sacred music, was recorded.
It was later published on a tape as well as a (gasp!) vinyl record.
Happily for devoted fans, it was digitalized several years later and sold as a CD.


*) Name the Pope.
*) Name the three seminarians.
*) Take a guess as to which of them was the Deacon who sang the Gospel.

*) Name the conductor.
*) Name the Orchestra.
*) Name the Choral Group.
*) Name the soprano who went on to even greater fame and acclaim.


(a)  Is the recording available today?
(b)  IF it’s available, in what format?
(c)  Where can it be obtained?
(d)  Is there a video, or only audio?

Only one Google search allowed!

Time Limit:
Shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes!

Self-satisfaction for a job well-done!


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"For us, music and our expression of faith
go hand in hand."
Fr David

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