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Smiley Corner:  The Priests' Fun Quotes


Fr David describing younger days:

"At the age of thirteen, joining a prayer group was not on my list of
'100 things to do before you die'..."


A journalist to The Priests
in spring 2010:  "But you are
world famous now!!!"

Fr Eugene, a wee bit reluctantly:
"Well… at least we are told that!!!"


Fr Martin remembering his childhood:

"My brother Eugene
took great delight in hearing our confessions - conducted in a wardrobe - although we never heard his!"


"Do people kind of watch themselves a little bit when you are around? Because in general the music business is not a particular moral one…!"

Fr David:
"Well, usually what happens is: They say all the bad words… and then they say: 'Sorry, Father'!"


An interviewer asking The Priests
during a show:
"So you are real priests - you are not a 'manufactured band', you were not put together by Simon Cowell …???"

Fr Eugene, hastily:
"No, no, we are strictly organic - we are homegrown!"


Fr Martin, after an hour of analysing a difficult situation, is trying to cheer his two compatriots:

"Oh well, but apart from all that
it isn't TOO bad, really!"


During an early TV show Frs Martin and Eugene once claimed that funerals were "David's department".

The interviewer grinned while Fr David, to the delight of the audience, said nonchalantly:
"Well you see, I have a bigger parish than theirs, so I also have more turnover!"


Fr Eugene elegantly answering the question whether The Priests actually were a boy-band or a man-band

"Basically you could say we are the ecclesiastical equivalent of JLS!"


When The Priests came first on the scene, there was a television documentary made about them. The film team made their way to Fr Martin's former parish to interview some of his parishioners.

They found a little altar server and asked him: "So, what's it like having a famous singer as your priest?" -  The wee fellow hesitated a bit and then answered candidly:
"Well, it's quite okay… but sometimes it might do your head in!"


Fr David receiving advice from an older priest with regard to how to handle the Media:

"So whenever they ask you next time how well it works to combine parish duties with musical duties, you don't go into detail about the difficulties, you rather smile and say:
'Marvellously! Simply marvellously!'"


"The music has various shades. While it can be light-hearted,
it can also speak to the everyday experience of people, including things such as loss.
We believe in the words and I think this communicates to our audiences.
You can see how the music draws people in and lifts people's hearts."
Fr Martin

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