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Quiz Round 9  -  Questions #241-270


Question 241:
When and where were The Priests asked to throw “snowballs” into the audience - only to have many more thrown at themselves?

Question 242:  
Whose home-town is known locally as The City of the Seven Towers?

Question 243:  
Apart from “Bring him home”, which is Fr Eugene’s other favourite song of “Les Misérables” that he would like to record once?

Question 244:  
Can you name the musical era Fr Martin loves best?

Question 245:  
In which Southeastern Asian country do The Priests have a very big fan base?

Question 246:  
Of The Priests, who loves gardening, art galleries and collecting antiques? And apart from these – what else does he like doing?

Question 247:  
Of The Priests, who was ordained in a church called “All Saints Church”?

Question 248:  
When he was growing up, Fr Eugene “often fancied himself as a cook”. (Quote: “I fancied myself as many things, it must be said!”) What kind of dish did he learn to prepare that was served to almost any visitor who came into his parents’ house, whether they liked it or not?

Question 249:  
“The Singing is only as convincing as the person who sings!” Of The Priests, who said that?

Question 250:  
Fr David has five siblings, one brother and four sisters. Would you know who of them is older than himself?

Question 251:  
Who was the last to finish clapping during The Priests’ performance in BCC on 3 February 2009?  (Note: BCC is no typo!)

Question 252:  
When and where was Fr Eugene taught by Sr Gertie Magill (who was a member of which order)?

Question 253:  
Of The Priests, who was warned by a friend about the perils of celebrity (“You won’t change much, but people’s perception of you will change!”), but insisted that nevertheless all three would always “keep each other grounded”?

Question 254:  
Of The Priests, who has been writing poetry from an early age and is described as a “gifted poet” by the other two?

Question 255:  
Who was the support act during The Priests 2009 UK Tour?

Question 256:  
When and where did The Priests’ second album launch event take place – and what important announcement did they make during the evening?

Question 257:
The Priests were filmed by PBS in the past for broadcasts across the United States. When and where were how many resulting PBS-DVDs filmed?

Question 258:  
When was “Harmony” released in Europe?

Question 259:  
Fr Eugene has won many awards at local musical festivals and is a regular guest of Fortwilliam Musical Society, Castleward Opera and Lyric Opera Productions Dublin, playing roles like … ?
Name a few (can be operetta, opera, plays and others)!

Question 260:  
How did Fr Martin describe the meaning of “Harmony” for himself?

Question 261:  
Fr David celebrated a birthday during both tours in 2009 and 2010. With what kind of surprise was he presented in June 2010 – while on stage where?

Question 262:  
Of The Priests, who is said to play the best piano – and whose help did the other two Fathers want to enlist in the next life regarding that matter?

Question 263:  
From whom came the request that The Priests’ Charitable Foundation would support a school in Cambodia?

Question 264:  
The Priests performed already twice at St. Paul’s Basilica in Toronto – when?

Question 265:  
The Priests were once asked if there were any special venues where they’d love to sing. What did they answer?

Question 266:
To whom of his great local fans gave Fr Eugene a selection of Platinum Discs for a while to have on display – and why did he do that?

Question 267:
During Fr Martin’s time of being the advisor for religious education in Down and Connor (which was only part of his job since he was also based in a parish), for how many schools was he responsible?

Question 268:
Between 2002 - 2006 Fr David, among other things, was Chaplain to the University of Ulster at Jordans¬town. What was his “main job” during this period?

Question 269:  
In February 2010, The Priests were invited to join forces with some of UK’s most highly acclaimed classical artists to record… what piece... for what occasion?

Question 270:
During their trip to Leipzig in March 2010 The Priests met a “global phenomenon” whose first Youtube clip had millions of hits the year before. Whom did they meet?


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“There is a multiplicity of wells from which I draw life-giving water,
these being principally faith, family and friends,
prayer, priesthood and parishioners, music and the natural world.”
Fr David

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