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Quiz Round 8  -  Questions #211-240


Question 211:  
Which three needs is “The Priests Charitable Foundation” in particular supporting?
(Note: We already mention one of them, i.e. Education & projects abroad, like Sightsavers.)

Question 212:  
Of The Priests, who was present during the show “Loose Women” - that took place when?

Question 213:  
Which famous Catholic personality declared himself a huge fan of The Priests in fall 2009?

Question 214:  
What does being a priest mean for Fr Martin, in his own words?

Question 215:  
Of The Priests, who used a famous Doxology of the Holy Mass as a quote to go with one of his photos on the Site? (Can you name it?)

Question 216:  
During his “In The Bag” Interview in spring 2010, Fr Eugene was asked to name either a book or a poem or a place that was spiritually significant for him. What did he mention – and why?

Question 217:  
The Priests were once asked if there were any artists with whom they’d love to collaborate. What did they answer?

Question 218:  
During the first week of October 2009 an interview was done with The Priests that was published on their website. Can you remember where The Priests happened to be during the interview? And why did all of it mean a lot of stress for Fr Martin?

Question 219:  
The Priests were twice in Germany in the 1st+ half of 2010. When and where?

Question 220:  
What do The Priests say about celebrating Mass together when being on tour?

Question 221:  
Of The Priests, who described himself with these words: “I'm not saccharinely religious or fanatical, just an ordinary individual with a gift for music who believes the Lord has called me to bring my songs to a wider audience.”

Question 222:  
Of The Priests, who said this to whom in what year? “You should really keep this up - and your English will be superb!”

Question 223:  
What did Fr David answer, when asked by Gerry Kelly in June 2010, what was the “biggest thrill”, the “most satisfaction” for him and/or The Priests so far?

Question 224:  
Were The Priests complete strangers to the  recording process when they decided to record their debut album?

Question 225:  
What famous international personality did The Priests meet on the evening after their Bayreuth performance in July 2010?

Question 226:  
Who are “The Ladies at the Well”?

Question 227:  
In Sept 2009 The Priests attended a certain college’s annual prize giving, giving a speech to pupils, staff and other guests, and singing for everybody.
Why did they do that and which was the college?

Question 228:  
All three Fathers have postgraduate degrees in various areas of Theology. Of the three, who do you think is the best in Latin – and why?

Question 229:  
What did Fr David (who seemed quite amused by the question) answer when a curious reporter once asked what The Priests did to “keep their voices healthy”?

Question 230:  
In the evening of 19 June 2010 The Priests had their big homecoming gig in Belfast and it got very late. Why did that mean a wee bit more stress for Fr Martin than for the other two?

Question 231:  
When was debut album “The Priests” released in Europe?

Question 232:  
Who was the support act during The Priests UK leg of their 2010 Concert Tour?

Question 233:
How did Fr David describe the meaning of “Harmony” for himself?

Question 234:  
When will Fr Eugene’s Church of the Sacred Heart celebrate its Centenary – and how?

Question 235:  
What was Fr Martin’s publicly published New Year’s resolution for 2010?

Question 236:  
Can you name the locations of the Irish leg of The Priests’ 2010 tour?

Question 237:  
Of The Priests, who was present during their trip to San Remo in April 2009 and what were the two songs sung?

Question 238:  
Why did Fr Eugene consider “Harmony” a little bit different from debut album “The Priests”?

Question 239:  
Of The Priests, who was once asked by a lady on the steps of his church to sign a copy of his album – that turned out to be a pirate copy?

Question 240:  
Among other things, Fr Martin also works as a hospital chaplain. How did Eamonn Holmes describe him during a “Songs of Praise” episode?


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"Whatever it is that inspires and sustains us –
art, poetry, music, the sciences, our faith, our prayers –
it is important to recognize that when we are inspired,
we bring out the best in ourselves."

Fr Martin

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