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Quiz Round 7  -  Questions #181-210


Question 181:  
Some reporters noticed frequently that The Priests are not just easily recognised during events because of their clerical garments, but also because of … ?

Question 182:  
All three priests have talked numerous times about their love for music combined with liturgy. Apart from a general “happy marriage between music and the faith”, could you suggest a few personal reasons given by one of them as to why music is so important when celebrating different types of liturgy?

Question 183:  
Of The Fathers, who has been talking a lot about The Priests’ “shelf life” during the last several months (both in articles and on TV)?

Question 184:  
Of The Priests, who do you think said this: “If our music appeals to people of faith, that’s wonderful. If it also appeals to people of no faith, that’s wonderful. Our music is for everyone.”

Question 185:  
Of the three, whose parish members said: “Don’t worry if you are away 2-3 days, we are not going to lose the faith!”

Question 186:  
When did the idea of becoming a priest first come to Fr Martin?

Question 187:  
Of The Priests, who do you think said that: “It’s not so much us getting used to the music industry as the music industry getting used to us!”

Question 188:  
One of the projects that The Priests’ Charitable Foundation supports is “Kate’s Project”. Of The Priests, for whom is this special and why?

Question 189:  
The Priests played a little word play joke on Prince Charles when they presented him with their CD – what was the word play?

Question 190:  
Who strongly recommended during a TV show that The Priests should get their own “tour bus”?

Question 191:  
Of The Priests, who has a whole lot of nieces and nephews who are greatly impressed by their uncle’s “celebrity photos”: The Priests with Take That, The Priests with The Killers, The Priests with Rihana… etc?

Question 192:  
Fr Eugene is a veteran of several operas and stage shows and always liked performing. But would you know why – given his Irish background – he especially likes performing comic roles in theatre?

Question 193:  
One of the Fathers remembers having felt such stage fright once, while singing in the Sistine Chapel, that he had to stop for a moment. Who was it and what did he say about the Holy Father’s reaction to it?

Question 194:  
During the Classical Brits 2009, The Priests met several world famous stars and always described it as a “fantastic experience”. Can you name a few of the stars?

Question 195:  
What did The Priests sing for the President of Ireland during her visit in Ballyclare in Feb 2010?

Question 196:  
What did Fr Eugene answer, when asked by Gerry Kelly in June 2010, what was the “biggest thrill” or the “most satisfaction” for him and/or The Priests so far?

Question 197:  
To whom of the Fathers would you attribute the following quote? "You have your ups and downs, conscious of your strengths, conscious of your brokenness, and yet it's only in your brokenness that you really realise what it is to need God. And music does that, too.”

Question 198:  
Of The Priests, who described himself as “the worrier of the group”?

Question 199:  
Who was one of the earliest musical influences for all three priests during their collegiate studies?

Question 200:  
When and where did The Priests give their first concert of 2010? What inspirational modern piece of music did they perform – and how did their audience react?

Question 201:  
Of The Priests, who is mostly dealing with responses to the fan mail the Fathers keep receiving, be it cards, letters, emails or whatever?

Question 202:  
Of The Priests, who is very fond of saying that the people will hopefully realize that priests are “three-dimensional beings” and not just figures cut out of a holy book?

Question 203:  
Of The Priests, who said the following in response to the question, if the process of making the first album had involved any “temptations”:  “Sometimes, you do have a ‘grass is greener’ experience. But life isn’t a bed of roses, whatever path you take; and as life goes by, you grow into your life. I have always been secure that this was what God was calling me to do.”

Question 204:  
Who were special “musical guests” joining The Priests on stage at the Liverpool Concert?

Question 205:  
When was the Armagh-DVD released in Europe?

Question 206:  
Who was the support act during The Priests’ Irish leg of their 2010 Concert Tour?

Question 207:  
Can you name the locations of the UK-leg of The Priests’ 2010 tour in May and June?

Question 208:  
Quote: “We just don’t know where this is going to take us but we’re relying on God who is taking us by the hand and we just have to keep our hand in his.” Of The Priests, who said that?

Question 209:  
How did Fr David describe “Harmony” in relation to debut album “The Priests”?

Question 210:  
Of The Priests, who has been repeatedly heard to say: “The three of us have a ‘global parish’ you might say!”?


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There’s nothing I like more than going to a museum or art gallery
simply to enjoy the works of all kinds of artists, both famous and not so famous.
Art, like music, is truly timeless."
Fr Eugene

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