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Quiz Round 6  -  Questions #151-180


Question 151:  
Who was The Priests’ recording engineer for their first albums (= who mixed the albums and recorded the orchestra and choirs)?
(Note: Think of the ITV-Documentary!)

Question 152:  
During a PBS interview in 2009, Fr David was asked what kind of “pop-song” he would very much like to record would he be given the chance. Do you know which song he mentioned?

Question 153:  
What were the solo-pieces each of The Priests performed during their mini concert tour in 2009?  When were the pieces written and by whom?

Question 154:  
What were the solo-pieces each of The Priests performed during their big concert tour in 2010? When were the pieces written and by whom?

Question 155:  
Fr Eugene was once invited by Pope John Paul II. to sing with him and for him during a Mass. What gift did the Holy Father offer him afterwards?

Question 156:  
Fr Martin likes several contemporary composers and compositions and talked about them at various occasions. Could you name a few?

Question 157:  
Can you name a few of Fr David’s musical solo works?

Question 158:  
Who was one of the guest stars at The Priests’ concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on 5 May 2009? Why was the invitation to participate in the concert offered to that person? And what was that person’s reaction to the three Fathers?

Question 159:  
On the solemnity of St Joseph (19 March) 2009, two of The Priests celebrated Mass in Montréal (Église Notre-Dame de la Consolata) for more than 600 people.
Of The Priests, who did that – and who was missing and why?

Question 160:  
On 16 Feb 2009 at night, The Priests participated in a big concert in Belfast Cathedral. Early the next morning they had to catch a plane to go on a promotional trip. Where did they go?

Question 161:  
When was the first time The Priests had seen Pope John Paul II. live?

Question 162:  
How many times did Fr Martin move between 2000 and 2009?

Question 163:  
Fr David spent seven years as a teacher at Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock, Belfast  – after having obtained what kind of degree from what kind of institution (when)?

Question 164:  
Of The Priests, who considers himself “the venerable member of this boy band”?

Question 165:  
In 2009, the Classical Brit Awards (which also celebrated its 10th Anniversary) was a special occasion for The Priests because their album had been nominated for the first time and they were invited to perform during the Brits.
Were there any other reasons perhaps why it was a “special occasion” for them?

Question 166:  
How did Prince Charles characterize The Priests’ performance when being presented with a copy of their latest CD?

Question 167:  
During a TV programme in Montréal, Frs Eugene and Martin had a few tricky questions “sprung” on them that they handled very well. Seeing that they didn’t lose their equilibrium, the journalist switched gears and asked them “what they had in common with Beyoncé”? Given their famous Irish sense of humour – how did the Fathers react to that resp. what did they answer?

Question 168:  
Can you name a few operas where Fr David was performing?

Question 169:  
Quite often people come up to The Priests after a concert, asking for prayers or telling them that they are praying for them, too. How do you think the Fathers feel about that? After all it’s mixing the different levels of their musical life with their priestly life.

Question 170:  
The rendition of … which song earned Fr Eugene a nomination for Best Comedian in the AIMS Awards?

Question 171:  
During his time in the Irish College Fr Martin was invited to sing in the Sistine Chapel and to meet Pope John Paul II. afterwards. How old was he at that stage and how did he feel about it?

Question 172:  
Of The Priests, who mentioned during which interview how touching it had been for him being consulted by young people (where?) for his advice re their possible vocation?

Question 173:  
Apart from their royal listeners – why was performing for TRH Charles and Camilla so very special for The Priests on 3 Feb 2009?

Question 174:  
Of The Priests, who once said of himself during an interview: “I am an optimist by nature!”

Question 175:  
Of The Priests, who can be seen “with a wise mentor” in his photo gallery on the website?

Question 176:  
Fr Eugene has always been a very gadget minded individual. Can you recall the occasion when he talked about his first encounter with the inside-parts of a valve-radio? How old was he when the encounter took place – and why were his parents less than happy about their son’s “technical success”?
(A “bonus” question: What would Americans call a valve radio?)

Question 177:  
Sometimes during interviews, The Priests are asked a number of seemingly “tricky” questions re their faith and/or Church, which they handle most comfortably and without ever being surprised.
Why do you think that is?

Question 178:  
Of The Priests, who was once one of the chaplains of St. Peter’s (= diocesan cathedral in Belfast) Boy’s Schola?

Question 179:  
Of The Priests, who once said he tended to feel isolated in his school years up to the age of 11 – and why would that be the case?

Question 180:  
Of The Priests, and with regard to entering the priesthood, who has been repeatedly heard to say: “It was not like a Damascene conversion and I suspect it was curiosity more than anything else. It’s a bit like a marriage: Before you cross the threshold there are no strings. Then the challenge is to live to that commitment.”


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"When people love one another, their love can change the world.
Love given and love received is the key to living a blessed and rich life,
even in the midst of life’s vicissitudes."

Fr David

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