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Quiz Round 5  -  Questions #121-150


Question 121:  
What was Mike Hedges’ reaction when he first heard the demo tape of The Priests?

Question 122:  
Which role in which of Mozart’s most famous operas is included in Fr Eugene’s repertoire?

Question 123:  
Of The Priests, who has been for a number of years harbouring the desire to one day travel to New Zealand – and which famous Kiwi film plays a role in that interest?

Question 124:  
What is the title of one of Fr Martin’s favourite books?

Question 125 (a "snuff" question):  
During 2009, all three Fathers have been repeatedly heard to say that they were “black and blue all over”! Now why would they possibly say such a thing?

Question 126:  
For whom of The Priests is May 5th a special date – and why? (Note: The Priests’ debut performance in Sydney on 5 May 09 does not count!)

Question 127 (a winter question):  
Fr David was once asked during an interview, if he had been “a good boy” at school. He seemed amused by the question – what did he answer?

Question 128:  
In January 2009, who of The Priests was the first to mention in the media that there was “a possibility of a second album”?

Question 129:
Can you name some albums/artists of Fr David’s varied CD collection?

Question 130:  
When, where and with which production did Fr … make his directorial debut?

Question 131:  
What is the correct name of Fr Eugene’s parish – is it listed among “Country Parishes” or among “City Parishes” in the Diocese – and how are the two churches called?

Question 132:  
What is the correct name of Fr Martin’s parish – is it listed among “Country Parishes” or among “City Parishes” in the Diocese – and how are the two churches called?

Question 133:  
What is the correct name of Fr David’s parish – is it listed among “Country Parishes” or among “City Parishes” in the Diocese – and how are the two churches called?

Question 134:  
Who was the renowned (late) singing teacher with whom all three Fathers studied during their time at Queen’s University in Belfast?

Question 135:  
“We believe that God has stepped into our lives, the God of Surprises.” - Of The Priests, who said that?

Question 136:  
Unfortunately, there were a couple of small problems that came up during The Priests’ trip to Australia in 2009. Do you know what went wrong?

Question 137:  
How did Fr David once describe his parents’ response to The Priests’ new-found fame?

Question 138:  
During The Priests’ Trócaire-Concert, Bishop Noël Treanor was presented with a cheque in Pounds Sterling, in aid of the charity campaign. Can you name the amount?

Question 139:  
What did The Priests perform for Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla when their Royal Highnesses visited Ballyclare on … (date)? In which venue did the event take place – and what has the venue to do with Fr Eugene?

Question 140:
Which was the longest period of time (how many days?) that The Priests were away from their parishes so far – when and during which trip?

Question 141:  
In the TC there is a little video clip with The Priests performing for the Irish President in Ballyclare in Feb 2010.
Would you know of any occasion when The Priests performed for Mrs McAleese prior to that? If so, when and where did that event take place and who else was part of the famous company?

Question 142:  
The Priests often have been heard to say that being together in their “big adventure” would be of great help. In what way might that be the case?     

Question 143:  
Of The Priests, who pursued singing studies in Rome with the renowned Maestro Sergio Ballani?

Question 144:  
Of The Priests, who has been involved with Trócaire for many years (already prior to the Belfast Concert), even being the charity’s representative in Down and Connor?

Question 145:  
What was Fr Eugene’s reaction to The Priests’ “Father Ted meets Westlife” tag?

Question 146:  
Of The Priests, who had the most calendar conflicts so far in combining tour dates or promotional trips with his parish duties? Can you give examples?

Question 147:  
Having each been granted scholarships to study music in St MacNissi’s College, The Priests initially sang together as boy trebles before their voices started to change into their adult range. But why would Fr Martin always break into a grin when telling that story?

Question 148:  
What was, in his own words, Fr David’s “biggest rock’n’roll moment” so far?

Question 149:  
During Easter 2009 The Priests introduced some of their favourite music during a special broadcast on Classic-FM. Which songs did Fr Eugene choose for that?

Question 150 (a "touristy" question):  
In an interview, Fr Martin said he would like to have seen what animal during The Priests' first ever visit Down Under - and what else did they end up seeing?


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We plant seeds that one day will grow - and we water seeds already planted.
We might never see the end results, but that is the difference
between the Master Builder and the worker."
Fr Martin

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