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Quiz Round 4  -  Questions #91-120


Question 91:  
How many copies of The Priests’ debut album were sold within the first 24 hours of its release?

Question 92:
In his blog, Fr Eugene said the main purpose of The Priests’ efforts were attained if their listeners found “…some spiritual pleasure and sense of God’s presence…” in their singing. Whom was he quoting – and when?

Question 93:  
Of The Priests, who also serves on the Diocesan Commission on Family Ministry?

Question 94:  
Was Question #93 perhaps a trick question?

Question 95:  
How does Fr David describe a Guinness?

Question 96:  
Who took the first official press photos of The Priests back in 2008 – and who took the second set of press photos in 2009?

Question 97:  
In one part of the ITV-documentary, the viewer is told that The Priests – alas, alike! – had just turned down a very special offer from America.
What kind of offer? Do you remember Fr Eugene’s comment about it?

Question 98:  
When are the exact dates of The Priests resp. birthdays?

Question 99:
How many people were at the Armagh-concert in Sep 2008?

Question 100:  
Who was the first to suggest that The Priests were going to be “wonderful global superstars”?

Question 101:  
When was the first time (date?) that The Priests’ parishioners heard the news of their Fathers having been signed up by Sony – and how did they react?

Question 102 (a "percussive" question):  
Which Irish pop star was scouting around for “a singing priest” for EMI Records back in 2008 and rang Fr Martin, asking about doing a demo tape?

Question 103:  
How did Fr Martin describe his older brother during a PBS interview regarding modern technology and his own “arrival in the 21st century”?

Question 104:  
What kind of books does Fr Eugene prefer? Name at least one example!

Question 105:  
Who was ordained a deacon first, Fr Martin or Fr David?

Question 106:  
When The Priests arrived in Westminster in April 2008, they were unprepared for the big media machine waiting for them – and suddenly realized they had forgotten to tell a very important person that they might be signing a contract with Sony that very day.
Whom had The Priests “forgotten” to tell the big news – and with whom did they try to get in touch as quickly as possible?

Question 107 (a "heavenly" question):  
Which world famous magazine profiled The Priests in summer 2008 – and how were they described?

Question 108:  
Where did Frs Martin and Eugene grow up?

Question 109:
Other than The Priests and the resident choir, what other group, if any, was given the privilege of recording an album in St Peter's Basilica in Rome?

Question 110:  
What kind of very diplomatic answer did Fr David once give a journalist when being asked if the 1970s folk mass was “a good thing or an unspeakable evil”?

Question 111:  
In one sentence: What does Fr Martin in general hope that The Priests’ music will give the people?

Question 112 (a "crisp", indeed "refreshing" question):  
Can you name one of Fr. Eugene's favourite types of wine? How about something "higher proof"?

Question 113:  
How does Fr David in general describe the reaction of The Priests’ confrères in N-Ireland to their musical ministry?

Question 114:  
Which of the three Fathers got nicknamed “Marlon Brando” – and who of them jokingly describes himself as “Daniel Craig’s elder brother”?

Question 115:  
Until 2008, The Priests’ producer Mike Hedges was mostly known for his work with groups or artists like … ?

Question 116:  
According to their own words, why did The Priests immediately feel a very strong connection with St Paul’s Basilica in Toronto?

Question 117:  
In how many countries was The Priests’ debut album released simultaneously in November 2008 – and can you name one outside Europe and North and South America?

Question 118:  
During Easter 2009 The Priests introduced some of their favourite music during a special broadcast on Classic-FM. Which songs did Fr David choose for that?

Question 119:  
Of The Priests, who took on the role of Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady in early 2008 – and what kind of nomination did it win him?

Question 120:  
What was Fr Martin’s reaction when being asked about druggie rocker Pete Doherty wearing rosary beads?


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“Our musical career has certainly had its challenges, its pressures,
mainly because a lot of work goes into the day-to-day running of a parish,
but it has never interfered too much with our work,
and it has given us so many different experiences.”
Fr Eugene

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