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Quiz Round 3  -  Questions #61-90


Question 61:  
Regarding the Debut-Album: Where were (most of) the voice-tracks recorded  -  where was the choral dimension added (by which choir?)  -  and which orchestra recorded the orchestra tracks (where)? Finally, where was the final mix of tracks completed?

Question 62:  
Of The Priests, who once studied Scholastic Philosophy in Belfast?

Question 63:  
Of The Priests, who once studied English Literature in Belfast - and who chose Ancient History?

Question 64:  
How many albums did The Priests sell within 20 minutes when they appeared on QVC-TV in 2010?

Question 65:  
Of The Priests, who once had the great honour to celebrate Mass for Mother Teresa while being in Rome?

Question 66:  
According to a recent interview - what is Fr Eugene’s favourite book (apart from “Larousse Gastronomique”)?

Question 67:  
Who of the Fathers grew up in Ballymena?

Question 68:  
In the beginning of their “new mission”, The Priests often quoted the expression “Duc in altum!” Where does the expression come from - whom do they quote when they mention the saying - and what general meaning does it have for them?

Question 69:  
In February 2009 The Priests contributed to a lovely concert in St Peter’s Cathedral in Belfast  –  in aid of …  and supported by …?

Question 70:  
During several months of 2008, an ITV film crew followed The Priests’ every move in order to record a Documentary Report for TV. How did Fr David feel about that?

Question 71:  
What do the letters “JCL” after Fr Eugene’s name stand for when his name appears on the Down and Connor Marriage Tribunal Website?

Question 72:  
Frs Martin and David were both ordained on the same day, but in different places. Where?

Question 73:  
Album “Harmony” was (partly) recorded in a world famous studio – what’s the name of the studio, where is it located and why is it so famous?

Question 74:  
After finishing their studies of Theology in Rome, all three Fathers went for postgraduate degrees. Can you name their respective areas of expertise?

Question 75:  
What does Fr Eugene use his large, old Latin dictionary for, apart from looking up Latin phrases?

Question 76:
Of The Priests, who once got a medal from Mother Teresa – and what happened to that medal later on?   

Question 77:  
What was (in his own words) the “most rebellious thing he has ever done” for Fr David?

Question 78:  
When did Fr Eugene come to Ballyclare and Ballygowan as Parish Administrator?

Question 79:  
When did Fr David come to Hannahstown as Parish Priest?

Question 80:  
When did Fr Martin come to Newtownards and Comber as Parish Priest – and where was he before that?

Question 81:  
Of The Priests, who has a special “link” to Saint Columcille (= the author of the prayer “King of Kings”) – and why?

Question 82:
Who was a major religious influence in Fr David’s life (apart from his parents) – and why?

Question 83:  
Where (= city) and in which church was Fr Eugene (when?) ordained a Deacon?

Question 84:  
Frs Eugene’s and Martin’s mother was very well known in Derry as a gifted musician. In what way?

Question 85:  
Which one of the Fathers had friends who kindly helped The Priests with their Spanish pronunciation for some of the songs they recorded back in 2008? (Note: See Blogs!)

Question 86:  
Who sold the most albums during their very first week of sales: Luciano Pavarotti, Katherine Jenkins or The Priests?

Question 87:  
On how many American TV stations was the “Armagh-Concert” aired in Nov/Dec 2008?

Question 88:  
All three Fathers studied for several years in Rome – but where in Rome?

Question 89:  
In what kind of musical productions did The Priests take lead roles during their years at the Boarding School from 1974 onwards?

Question 90:  
The Priests’ contract with Sony has a few unusual special clauses – what clauses and why?


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“I often recall the love I have experienced in my own life from family, friends and strangers,
and how the experience of that love has changed everything.”
Fr David

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