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Quiz Round 2  -  Questions #31-60


Question 31:
Before which Pope did the Fathers sing a liturgy while studying in Rome?

Question 32:  
In what 1974 production and which school did the Fathers perform together for the first time?

Question 33:  
Referring to question #32, what was Fr Eugene’s part – and why do Frs Martin and David sometimes prefer not to mention their parts?

Question 34 (an "arms up" question):  
What did Fr Eugene tell his new parishioners when he first came to Ballyclare and they were curious what kind of individual would be their new priest?

Question 35:  
Who was the main musical influence in Frs Martin’s and Eugene’s large family – and who in Fr David’s large family?

Question 36:  
Name some of the music The Priests have (resp. downloaded during recent months) on their respective iPods …

Question 37:  
When was The Priests’ choir “Cappella Caeciliana” founded and how many CDs did the choir release ever since?

Question 38:  
What are the titles of the Cappella Caeciliana’s CDs and when (month/year) were they released?

Question 39:  
How many years did Frs Martin and David spend in Garron Tower (St MacNissi's College) – and when?

Question 40:  
What kind of sport did Fr Eugene try to play at school – and why did he stop?

Question 41:  
What year did The Priests participate in NYC’s St Patrick’s Day Parade?

Question 42:  
Can you name one of the first famous groups The Priests met backstage almost immediately after the release of their Debut Album? What was their reaction to the other group, and was there a resultant photo?

Question 43:  
Two of The Priests’ clips were “the most watched clips on Youtube globally” for several weeks in 2008 when the 1st CD was released – can you name the clips and tell when/where they were filmed?

Question 44 (a "two-fer" question):  
The Priests like to quote a famous saying attributed to St. Augustine. Would you know the quote?

Question 45:  
The O’Hagan kids with their mother formed an Irish version of … which other world famous family??? And when was that?

Question 46:
Where in Germany did Fr David once work – and where did he attend classes of German language training?

Question 47:
How many “day-jobs” and/or “careers” and/or areas of expertise does Fr Eugene have?
(Get creative and name at least five! Eight correct answers moves you to the head of the class!)

Question 48:  
Which of The Priests has been heard to say that he not only loved school-work (teaching mostly the 11-18 year old), but also that  “…the classroom was my stage”?

Question 49:  
Who of the three Fathers 1) likes to go swimming every now and then / 2) likes to go to a gym every now and then / 3) likes to take long walks every now and then … to stay healthy and keep fit? (Multiple answers possible!)

Question 50 (a "Debut" question):  
In 2008 The Priests were invited to sing at the ordination of their new Bishop (H.E. Noël Treanor) in St. Peter’s Cathedral in Belfast. When did that event take place – and can you name at least one of their songs that they also had recorded?

Question 51:  
Can you name a few of Fr Eugene’s former “Musical Heroes”?
(Note: They changed at different stages of his life, so just pick your choice!)

Question 52:  
Who is the Patron Saint of The Priests’ Diocese of Down and Connor – and in which famous church abroad that is dedicated to this Saint did The Priests give two concerts? When did they do that?

Question 53:  
At what age did Fr David for the first time feel called to become a priest?

Question 54:  
Right after having been ordained a priest in 1989, Fr Martin continued his studies for a post graduate degree. In what area of expertise did he get it?

Question 55:  
There is a now famous quote by Nick Raphael about his first reaction after having heard the Priests for the very first time. Do you know the gist of what he said?

Question 56 (a "lingua franca" question):  
Why might people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and South Tyrol hold a mild grudge against The Priests ever since they released “Harmony”?

Question 57:  
What exactly was on the (now famous) Demo-Tape that was sent to Sony early 2008? Name the songs and where the Demo-Tape was recorded!

Question 58:  
Which of The Priests once worked in the Chaplaincy Department of the University of Ulster?

Question 59:  
Which of The Priests once worked as Advisor for Religious Education (Diocese of Down and Connor) while being attached to the parish of Hannahstown in Belfast at the same time?

Question 60:  
Fr Eugene works in the Good Shepherd Centre in Belfast – what is he doing there resp. in what position does he serve?


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"It’s also maybe challenging to secular society
that we can in fact live a life this way, which is very much rooted in the priesthood,
while being able to give people a lot of pleasure,
uplift hearts and praise God."
Fr Martin

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