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Quiz Round 11  -  Questions #301-333


Question 301:  
At times The Priests find their promotional work “physically tiring and challenging”. At one stage (end of 2008), they travelled to four world famous cities within the space of only four days (and didn’t see anything of those cities at all). Would you know the cities?

Question 302:  
During an interview in France Fr Martin described how much he liked reading passages from the lives of the Saints. He also mentioned two saints of the past as well as two personalities of the 20th century who are extra special to him. Would you know the names of the four and can you list them in the order of their death?

Question 303:
How did Fr Eugene nickname The Priests’ 2010 Tour during an announcement in church?

Question 304:  
Rugby International in November 2008: Who of The Priests was picking Ireland to overcome the “All Blacks” at Croke Park in Dublin?

Question 305:  
What two things happened to the three Fathers last year when they participated in a diocesan meeting of clergy?

Question 306:  
Who was “responsible” that The Priests were invited on Jonathan Ross’ top BBC show – and how did that person describe The Priests?

Question 307:  
Can you name two Scripture passages The Priests like to cite as their “stress relievers” (=  the words they turn to when juggling label-driven promotional duties with the demanding responsibilities of a parish priest)?

Question 308:  
In remembrance of Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras, The Priests have been (inaccurately!) dubbed …what?... by a few journalists in 2009?

Question 309:  
As of summer 2010, The Priests have released two albums, spanning a wide variety of music. Would you know during which song Fr David sang the deepest notes we have heard from him so far – and what is, so far, the top of his range that we’ve heard?

Question 310:  
Of The Priests, who quoted the poet Wordsworth during an interview for Heraldmalaysia / Kuala Lumpur in November 2009 (answering a question how it would “feel” having gone through such an extraordinary “journey” during the last 18 months) – and what was the quote?

Question 311 (a "shhhh" question):  
Can you name one of the key-aspects of The Priests’ singing together as Fr Martin put it once during an interview in France?

Question 312:
Under the tutelage of Frank Capper MBE, The Priests were introduced to a wide range of musical repertoire during their university time. Can you name a few?

Question 313:  
During their years in Rome, The Priests often sang before the Pope, which is well known. The fact that they also sang as a trio as well as in a chorus raised by a world famous conductor in 1985 is less well known. Who was the conductor who got them on board?

Question 314:  
In Dec 2009, a UK- magazine (story “The Priests Unwrapped”) published photos of The Priests doing household chores (photos also in Treasure Chest). Can you remember who of the Fathers was depicted with what chore?

Question 315:  
Can you name a few of The Priests favourite CHRISTIAN pieces of music?

Question 316:  
Of The Priests, who was considered “a very cool guy” resp. held in very high esteem by a group of young people because, quote:  
“I remember when this guy used to let me and my friends skateboard in the church car park years ago, when the other ones wouldn’t, and he would come out every now and again to make sure we were all right. Such a cool guy – he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet!”  
Whom is the blogger talking about?

Question 317:  
Fr Martin had an unexpected encounter during The Priests’ Toronto Concert in December 2009 when one other member of clergy who was present that evening seemed to look “very familiar”. Who was that other priest and why did he look familiar?

Question 318:  
There are numerous clips in the Treasure Chest that show The Priests singing, but only a few that would show them before a concert.
Which clip shows whom of The Priests patiently answering an interviewer’s questions while already being prepared by a stylist for the concert… that took place where and when?

Question 319:  
In February 2009, Eamonn Holmes wanted to record The Priests for a “Songs of Praise - St Patrick’s Day Special”. Plans were to record near Downpatrick. What happened that wrecked these plans? Where did filming finally take place (city, venue)? And who was, according to Eamonn’s blog, happiest about it all?

Question 320:
Of The Priests, who had grandparents who wanted to flee the poverty in their home country and tried their luck in America, before returning to Ireland later on?

Question 321:  
Of The Priests, who once commented on the Strasbourg decision about crucifixes in school – and when/where did he do that?

Question 322:  
Of The Priests, who has travelled to Asia prior to 2010 – and where?

Question 323:  
According to Forum rumours, as well as to personal experiences of those who already met the Fathers in person: Of The Priests, who has the most crushing handshake?

Question 324:  
The Priests "rose to the occasion" by performing immediately after their exhausting Australian trip, after having been 23 hours straight in the air and arriving in GB only at midday.
What was the occasion and why did Fr Eugene say “…we would not have missed it for the world”?

Question 325:  
How did Susan Boyle describe The Priests after having met them in … (city, country)?

Question 326:  
Around the recording of album “Harmony”: Can you name a moment that none of the three Fathers, by own admission, will ever forget?

Question 327:  
Which was the first country where “Harmony” went gold (when)? And where else did “Harmony” reach the top of the charts?

Question 328:
During the Classical Brits 2010, The Priests had stiff competition. Which other famous Catholic personality was nominated for the award, apart from them, and why?

Question 329 (a “temperate” question):  
Management at the Millenium Forum was delighted that The Priests performed twice in two days in Derry during their 2010 tour.
Would you know how management described them during an interview?

Question 330:
The Priests’ concert in Dublin on 23 May 2010 ended with a wonderful surprise. What was it?

Question 331:  
Who said this regarding The Priests: “These men are the best advert for vocations the Catholic Church has had in years!”

Question 332:  
When is The Priests' book going to be released in fall - and what's its title?

Question 333:  
According to rumours on the Site, when is Album #3 going to be released in Ireland?


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"The imagination is a significant and much neglected wellspring of creativity –
a wonderful source of hope and inspiration –
and I know it has helped to make me the person that I am today."
Fr Martin

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