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Quiz Round 10  -  Questions #271-300


Question 271:  
What do the acronyms FABB, FÁS and FFF stand for?

Question 272:  
Of The Priests, who was the only one who had a letter to his fans posted on the Forum-Website?

Question 273:  
When is Fr Eugene going to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his ordination?

Question 274:  
According to his own words, why were the two Derry-concerts in June 2010 so special for Fr Martin?

Question 275:  
How did the Forum hear first that there would be a book published by The Priests?

Question 276:  
When The Priests (all dressed in their dog collars) added their own little piece of “graffiti” to Abbey Road in Sep 2009, someone was passing by in a car, saw them writing on the wall and shouted at them. What was it?

Question 277:  
On 24 July The Priests played their one and only German concert of 2010 as they performed in Bayreuth for “Kindercamp in Concert”.
What is the Kindercamp foundation, who founded it and who was the pianist that accompanied The Priests during their performance?

Question 278:  
Several times in the past, The Priests were asked by journalists if there were ever any “fall outs” between them. What kind of diplomatic answer do they tend to give then?

Question 279 (a “kitty” question):
Can you name two of the biggest concerts The Priests gave in the same city both in 2009 and 2010? Why is this a “kitty” question and which would be the missing third part for the question?

Question 280:  
The Priests can be found on Twitter. How was their first Twitter-account called before they could reclaim their name and get a proper “ThePriests”-account?

Question 281:  
Who or what is “Lamh Deargh” – in whose of The Priests’ parishes?

Question 282:
During an interview where his mother got mentioned several times, Fr Eugene once referred to a very special song that he would “love to sing at the drop of a hat”. What’s the song?

Question 283:  
Of The Priests, who sang the title role in Castleward Opera’s 2004/2005 production of Britten’s Albert Herring?

Question 284:  
On 17 Dec 2008, The Priests were presented with their first Platinum Disc for their debut album. (Quote Fr Eugene: “That was a big surprise – my jaw opened, hit the ground and bounced back up again!”) Would you know on which occasion that took place?

Question 285:
Of The Priests, who has once been director of the Irish-College-Choirs during their time in Rome?

Question 286:  
What kind of award did The Priest win in July 2009 – who of the Fathers attended the ceremony (that took place where on which day?) – and what happened afterwards?

Question 287:  
Which broadcast did The Priests follow with great interest when they were teenagers in St. MacNissi’s? And why was listening to a radio sometimes difficult?

Question 288:  
What happened to “Father Gadget” during the Easter Night Mass at Sacred Heart in April 2010?

Question 289:  
Once during an interview, The Priests were asked whether they were more nervous singing or preaching. What did Fr Martin answer?

Question 290:  
Would you know Fr David’s reading tastes?

Question 291:  
The Priests have been featured in some of the world’s largest publications and appeared on major TV shows across the world. Can you name a few?

Question 292:  
During their performance for “Theology on Taps” in Parramatta, Australia, The Priests wore a very special piece of clothing. What was it?

Question 293:  
What kind of (spiritual) “graffiti” did The Priests add to the fabled walls of Abbey Road?

Question 294:  
Which famous “musical” personality arrived during the second half of The Priests’ first concert in Derry (15 June 2010) – and which famous “faithful” personality was in the audience during The Priests’ second concert (16 June 2010)?

Question 295 (a "dated" question):  
Of The Priests, who was invited by Cork Opera House to sing Sem in Britten’s Noyes Fludde - and in what year?

Question 296:  
Of The Priests, who said this:
"Growing into the vocation is something I feel I have to renew every day. You can never have 100 per cent certainty; it may seem rather strange, but you re-commit every day. It's almost like being ordained every day, but I think the journey into the priesthood is a challenging one, a shaping one and there is a necessity for constant ongoing formation and pastoral care. A vocation is very stretching and you have to face all sorts of eventualities, experiences and situations.”

Question 297:
Can you name a song on the “Harmony” album that Fr Eugene claimed to be “his favourite” (apart from “King of Kings”)? Who wrote the piece and when? Bonus question: Which second composer greatly admired by The Priests did the first composer meet during his lifetime?

Question 298:  
With regard to the last question (it will catapult you to head of class!): From which of the first composer's musical works (that was performed when and where?) is the aria taken?

Question 299:  
By 18 December 2008, The Priests’ debut album was at the top of a world famous chart in three categories: Classical Traditional, Christian/Gospel and Classical Overall. Would you know the chart?

Question 300:  
During The Priests’ stay in Australia, the Arch¬bishop of Sydney hosted the trio at a reception at Cathedral House after a press conference held in the crypt of St Mary’s Cathedral. What happened during the press conference?
(Note: Fr Eugene’s jaw might have hit the floor once again, but he never said so in public!)


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Love of music must be one of the great humanizing elements in life.
Music has often been called an international language
because it transcends all boundaries of race, religion, colour and culture."

Fr Eugene

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