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Quiz Round 1  -  Questions #1-30


Question 1:
Can you name one of Fr Martin’s favourite saints who lived in the 11th century?

Question 2 (a “trifling” question):  
Can you name one of Fr Eugene’s favourite dessert recipes – and what’s the “secret” ingredient that makes the result so well loved?

Question 3:  
What did Fr David do when David Bailey asked The Priests: “What are three grown men like you doing still believing in God?”, and then showed off his Damien Hirst portrait (= a portrait of Jesus bleeding to death on the cross above the legend 'Was it worth it?')?

Question 4:  
What was the first record Fr David ever bought in this life?  

Question 5:  
How did Fr Eugene nickname studio-headphones before Mike Hedges told him they were to be called “cans”?  

Question 6:  
Fr Martin (and also Fr Eugene) sometimes use(s) a quote of their old singing teacher Frank Capper that involves music and the human heart. What’s the quote?

Question 7:  
Who encouraged The Priests to record the Spanish songs ”Plegaria“ and “Hacia Belén” for their first album?

Question 8:  
What are the first names of Frs Eugene’s and Martin’s parents?

Question 9:  
What are the first names of Fr David’s parents?

Question 10:  
When (month and year) did The Priests sign their contract with Sony in front of Westminster Cathedral?

Question 11:  
How often have The Priests been nominated for the Classical Brit Award during the last two years?

Question 12:  
Which Guinness Record did The Priests break with their Debut Album?

Question 13:  
Who wrote the lyrics for The Priests’ composition “King of Kings” and when did the author write it?

Question 14:
Is there a reason why The Priests feel a special connection to 17/18th century composer Antonio Vivaldi? (If yes, what kind of reason?)

Question 15:  
Was Question #14 a “real” question or a trick question?

Question 16:  
What is The Priests’ “motto” when singing?

Question 17:  
Can you name the languages in which The Priests recorded "Silent Night"?

Question 18:  
During their study times the Fathers were often "collectively dubbed" by their classmates. Can you name two of their collective nicknames?

Question 19:  
How many siblings were there in the O’Hagan family – were there twins among them? If there were twins indeed, can you name them?

Question 20:  
The Priests’ Trust Fund is supporting special projects in different countries. What is the common headline for the projects abroad - and can you name some of the countries where help is provided?

Question 21:  
How many songs in how many languages are on the Debut Album? Name the languages!

Question 22:  
Of The Priests, who was teaching for seven years at a Diocesan Grammar school in Belfast?

Question 23:  
What kind of trendy footgear did at least two of The Priests wear during the 1970s in order to be “cool”?

Question 24:  
Which song did The Priests sing on “The Tubridy Show” on 21 April 2010? Who wrote the lyrics in what year?

Question 25 (a "kidding" question):  
How did The Priests describe themselves during interviews when sales started soaring after the release of their Debut Album?

Question 26:  
What was Mike Hedges’ original dream when scouts were sent out to search for “a priest who could sing”?

Question 27:  
Which performance in which amateur production at which Festival won Fr Eugene “Best Comic Actor” in 2007?

Question 28:
When (exact date) was Fr Martin ordained a priest?

Question 29 (a "Godly" question):  
How did The Priests’ management once describe the contents of the first album?

Question 30:
Two of the Fathers claim that the third part of their Trio “has them in stitches”. Just who might say that about whom?


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"It has been our experience that people from different denominations
and even some with no particular religious affiliation
are attracted to the music."
Fr Eugene

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