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CD 2  -  'Harmony'


The Priests' second album was also produced by Mike Hedges and Sally Herbert. It was recorded in the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London and features the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Oratory School Schola, Coro, and The Irish Film Choir.

Released in Ireland in Nov 2009 by Epic Records, it reaped gold in the UK and platinum awards in Ireland and Sweden.

The track "King of Kings" was The Priests' highly successful compositional debut.


Track Listings and Samples

How Great Thou Art

The Priests: "Carol Bobergs’s hymn is a combination that uplifts, engenders hope, and signifies how nature sings God's praises, climaxing in God's gifting us with his Son. This hymn always filled us with great joy."


Te Deum (Haydn)

The Priests
: "
The Te Deum is an early Christian Hymn of praise. Originally intended for performance by a large choir and orchestra, we have taken the liberty of adapting it for three solo voices and choir. We hope you enjoy it."


A Gaelic Blessing (Rutter)

The Priests: "In life, blessings are crucial and are part and parcel of the Gaelic language that is infused with faith. This music and the words cry out for peace in our hearts, between nations and more, may we all experience peace: Deep peace of Christ to you."


Amazing Grace (Newton)

The Priests: "Once John Newton was caught in a storm so violent that the crew man on deck was swept overboard. In 1779 he wrote 'Amazing Grace' calling to mind his memories of that storm at sea and reflections on a journey of faith."


Bist Du Bei Mir (When Thou Art Near) (Stölzel)

The Priests: "When Thou Art Near is an aria by the German composer Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel, although it is often attributed to JS Bach. We sing the song adapted to our particular voices and hope the song's beautiful melody will once more move the soul to trust in God."


Benedictus (Jenkins)

The Priests: "The version of the Benedictus comes from Karl Jenkins' Mass "The Armed Man", subtitled "A Mass for Peace". The Benedictus reminds us also of those words from the Beatitudes... 'Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God'!"


Stabat Mater (Pergolesi)

The Priests: "This liturgical 13th century hymn, one of the most powerful and immediate of medieval poems, meditates on the suffering of Mary at the foot of the Cross. It is sung particularly but not exclusively during Lent."


Laudamus Te (Vivaldi)

The Priests: "The Laudamus Te forms part of the Gloria and was created when Vivaldi was a priest serving his time in Venice. It is music that undoubtedly takes you out of yourself into another world."


Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart)

The Priests: "This wonderful piece by Mozart has been in our repertoire from school days where we first sang it as boy trebles. We hope it will be as uplifting for you as it has always been for us."


King of Kings (The Priests)

The Priests: "The original words are attributed to the Irish missionary monk Saint Columba (also known as Columcille) who lived from 521-597. The words remind us that as we journey through life, we experience many difficulties and challenges, not least of which is death itself. Yet, in spite of this, we have no need to fear since God is close to us. We are his children. In His hands, we are held safe. We put our trust in Him who is our King of Kings.

We were challenged to come up with an original composition for this, our second album. The fact is, that none of us has ever composed a piece of music before, so we are very tentatively dipping our toes into the water with this piece. We love the sentiments of Columba's prayer. We hope we have managed to capture something of the sense of those encouraging words in this musical setting and we pray that, listening it, you too may be supported as you strive to meet the challenges of your life.


Lift Thine Eyes (Elijah) (Mendelssohn)

The Priests: "This extract from Mendelssohn’s Oratorio Elijah is sung by three angels encouraging the Prophet to keep faith in the Lord. We have first sang it as boy trebles under the baton of the recently deceased Sr Marie Gertrude.”


Silent Night (Gruber)

The Priests: "No other carol conjures up the special atmosphere of Christmas more effectively or universally. The inspirational power of this simple carol is such that, at Christmas 1914, opposing British and German soldiers on the Western Front simultaneously sang Silent Night in their own language and for a short period hostilities ceased."


The Lord's Prayer (Byzantine)

The Priests: "The 'Our Father' is perhaps the best-known prayer in Christianity. On Easter Sunday 2007 it was estimated that 2 billion Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Christians read, recited, or sang the short prayer in hundreds of languages."


Bí Íosa im Chroíse (Trad. Irish)

The Priests: "The words and the music are from traditional roots and are often associated with the season of Advent. Advent is a time of preparation and waiting patiently for the coming of the Messiah and his birth at Christmas. Be, Jesus, in my heart in my memory every hour; Be, Jesus, in my heart with speedy repentance, Be, Jesus, in my heart with everlasting fellowship; O, Jesus, faithful in God, do not leave me!"


You'll Never Walk Alone (Rodgers & Hammerstein)

The Priests: "This is a show tune from the musical Carousel, by Rodgers and Hammerstein, 1945. In life we draw inspiration, support and encouragement from many different sources, not just the explicitly sacred or religious. We feel this song does just that."


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Double CD – Special Edition – as of September 2010:
"The Priests" & "Harmony" in one package!


"There is a profound and mysterious relationship between music and hope,
between song and eternal life."
Fr Eugene

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