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The Priests' Book / Autobiography


"Soul Song: Reflections on an Unexpected Journey"
by The Priests

+  Hardcover: 256 pages
+  Paperback: 244 pages
+  Publisher: Transworld Ireland
+  Release Date:  14 Oct 2010


Known collectively as The Priests, Fr Martin, Fr Eugene and Fr David, have taken the music world by storm. Since they signed their much-reported Sony contract in front of Westminster Cathedral in April 2008, their debut album has sold almost three million copies worldwide and broke the Guinness record for the fastest-selling debut classical album. It has also chalked up an impressive fifteen weeks at No. 1 on the Classic FM chart and was nominated for a Classical Brit Award.

In June 2009, The Priests topped off their incredibly successful year with a highly-acclaimed tour of the UK and Ireland, followed by concert tours through Europe, Canada and the United States between 2010 and 2013.


But long lunches in swanky restaurants and celebrity parties count for little with these down-to-earth, wonderfully talented singers, because first and foremost, David, Martin and Eugene are priests; their faith and the work they undertake in their busy parishes takes priority over everything else they do.

So, whilst their gruelling promotional schedule for the album has taken them around the world - from Europe to Montreal and Toronto, from Washington to New York and Sydney, where they have played to packed houses and given dozens of press, radio and TV interviews - they have always been happy to return to their parishes in Belfast and the people they serve.

In Soul Song, The Priests draw upon their unique experiences as priests and performers, their love of music and their faith, as they weave together a rich, illuminating tapestry of spiritual wisdom. Insightful and engaging, it is a treasury of memories which offers us all a rare and timely opportunity to reflect on our own journey through life.


"The beginning of this adventure was just mind-boggling.
It was like being swept up into a whirlwind:
everything that happened seemed more exciting and more extraordinary
than the one before. It felt like a dream."

Fr David

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