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Many of the articles and interviews of the last few years
have a classical quality to them
and are worth reading or hearing a second or third time.


Articles & Features 2015

2 Jan 2015

Seeking soprano to sing with “The Priests”

15 Jan 2015

Soprano audition offers chance
to sing with The Priests at Hanover Theatre

6 Feb 2015

Local soprano wins chance of a lifetime;
to sing with The Priests

13 Feb 2015

Singing trio The Priests join Nuncio at alma mater

23 Feb 2015

The Priests deliver their message in Indianapolis
during the month of March

10 Mar 2015

The Priests Come To SOPAC

11 Mar 2015

The Priests bring its unique music ministry
to the Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet

12 Mar 2015

N. Ireland’s singing trio, ‘The Priests,’
to perform in Green Bay March 20

12 Mar 2015

Singing Priests coming to Milwaukee

17 Mar 2015

Music takes ‘The Priests’ all around the world

19 Mar 2015

Palace Theater concert with The Priests
benefits Holy Cross arts education

19 Mar 2015

These Priests do more than preach

20 Mar 2015

Singing priest Martin O'Hagan
on Lady Gaga and the Queen

20 Mar 2015

Singing priest Martin O’Hagan would love to perform
with Lady Gaga

25 Mar 2015

The Priests bring their mass appeal
to Hanover Theatre

31 Mar 2015

Divine display from our pitch perfect Priests

2 Apr 2015

International Singing Stars with the Hearts of Servants

30 June 2015

Holy smoke! The Priests climb on board at rehearsals
for new Lyric production

6 July 2015

Spend Christmas with The Priests

22 July 2015

Christmas with The Priests in Limerick

23 July 2015

The Priests and other concerts at Galway Cathedral

31 July 2015

Singing priests for unique evening at Galway Cathedral

3 Aug 2015

Singing Priests to mark Galway Cathedral Jubilee

15 Aug 2015

Singing priest ensures radio listeners enjoy a
divine experience

27 Nov 2015

The Priests Joined Us In The Downtown Studio

30 Nov 2015

The Priests’ confession -
‘We want to sing with Lady Gaga’

1 Dec 2015

Fr O’Hagan all set for a festive homecoming

8 Dec 2015

These singing priests turned their hobby
into a successful career

17 Dec 2015

From who ends up cooking to their fave films, the star clerics on having festive fun


Articles & Features 2016

1 Feb 2016

Community praised at special concert night
to remember Adrian Donohoe

6 Feb 2016

Ballymoney pupils to sing with The Priests

11 Feb 2016

The Priests set to launch Ballymena Festival's centenary celebrations in style

10 Mar 2016

St. Patrick's Day Charity Dinner Dance and Concert with 'The Priests'

11 June 2016

Premiere For The Priests In Dungannon

24 June 2016  

Festival of Faith for Rathdowney with The Priests

2 July 2016  

Check Out the Pipes on These Priests

6 Sep 2016

Holy-wood stars: Priests make movie confession

7 Sep 2016

‘The Priests’ to release new album

8 Sep 2016

The Priests' new album out in October

9 Sep 2016

The Priests’ new album will be out in October

11 Sep 2016

The Priests: Out Of A Topsy Turvy World Come Songs Of Calm, Serenity & Hope

26 Sep 2016

The Priests' biggest ambition to sing with Lady Gaga

5 Oct 2016

The Priests: return of singing clerics
with faith in the power of music

5 Oct 2016

They're back:
Priests with faith in the power of music

5 Oct 2016

The Priests unveil new album

6 Oct 2016

The Priests to launch new CD

6 Oct 2016

The Priests’ New Album

7 Oct 2016

Father Eugene O’Hagan talks music, ministry
and duetting with Lady Gaga

7 Oct 2016

Singing for the love of God and in the name of a more compassionate world

16 Oct 2016

Pulpit Fiction –
Priests Movie to Get Gritty Troubles Rewrite

21 Oct 2016

The Priests: We’d love to work with Lady Gaga

22 Oct 2016

The Priests seeking celebrity? Parish the thought!

22 Oct 2016

Our fame helps those in need!

8 Nov 2016

The Priests:
Holy row averted over gig promotion mix-up

8 Nov 2016

Holy row avoided after The Priests are confused
with US punk rockers Priests

8 Nov 2016

Holy God, how did that happen? Irish music stars
The Priests mixed up with an American punk band

8 Nov 2016

Mass confusion:
The Priests mixed up with US punk rockers

8 Nov 2016

Mass confusion: The Priests get confused
with US punk rockers of the same name

9 Nov 2016

The Priests: US punk band offer 'warm wishes' to clerics after musical mix-up


Articles & Features 2018

* 2018



"We constantly err on the side of caution, if only because we realize
that commercial musical projects very often have a shelf life,
but we enjoy singing enormously,
and we would very much like to continue doing this forever."
Fr Eugene

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